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As 25-year residents of Carmel-By-The-Sea, Nancy and I cherish this town and our way of life. This is a lovely place to live, relax, and enjoy just being. I am proud that we have preserved our city’s heritage and I am committed to continuing that tradition.

We live in town with our two Dachshunds, Lola and Cosmo. We have two grown children living with their families in Los Angeles including two of the world’s greatest grandchildren (WGGs), a term most grand-parents can understand.

Nancy and I were both born and raised in North Carolina but in 1972 we moved to the Bay Area. As Nancy likes to say, “we got here as soon as we could.”

Here are a few facts about us and specifically my past activities:

· Founded, owned, and operated a small business, establishing one company that exceeded 100 employees when merged with a much larger company in 2002 after 20 successful years, preserving all staff jobs and careers. We established offices in several states and supported clients world-wide. Founded a second company in 2005 that still operates out of our home in Carmel-By-The-Sea. 

· Registered Professional Engineer (NU 868) with over 40 years of experience as a safety engineer performing nuclear plant analyses of public safety from fires, transportation accidents, earthquakes, flooding, severe storms, and high wind, as well as industrial accidents. 

· Developed a method for performing Reliability Centered Maintenance planning used to refine maintenance programs for clients in nuclear, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

· Involvement in regulatory compliance, public communication, and stakeholder engagement.

· Inventor, currently developing and seeking patents for inventions in the waste water reclamation and the transportation sector. Two have been submitted.

· Serve on the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame and am a member of the Executive Committee of the organization.

· Enjoy cooking and are invested in four restaurants.

· Former members of Tehama for twenty years and now members of Quail Lodge.

· Member of the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle) in Los Angeles and enjoy magic acts whenever possible.

Our Heritage



Preserve and maintain our vibrant community

Welcome tourism, but preserve our local village life.

Help small business survive and thrive

            SAFETY AND SECURITY      

Develop option to underground power lines      

Review severe storm and earthquake preparedness

Proceed with EOC and Police/Fire joint training

 Come together to create opportunity out of challenge

  • Tourism growth
  • Transportation changes
  • Parking
  • Electric charging
  • Maintain our beloved shores while encouraging their enjoyment


  • Measure D Extension
  • Hotel tax review and possible adjustment
  • Address CalPERS
  • Strengthen rainy day fund

Carmel MIssion


Carmel-by-the-Sea is a unique treasure anchored firmly in our commitment to village life in which we preserve our heritage and forest roots while embracing the future of our community.  As mayor, I will seek to preserve our core values and community to embrace change that also preserves our village life, and take actions that we decide together will secure the financial security of our way of life.

It is my goal to engage the citizens of our beautiful village to bring our collective strength and wisdom to bear to enhance the present and shape the future.  Our challenges should become opportunities for all of us to enrich our daily experience



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